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soldering station soldering station soldering station soldering station  


Description: This 2in1 SMD Hot Air Rework Soldering Station brings low consumption and high stability. It adopts microcomputer control and use the brushless fan ensures the long life and low noise. Large power heater is perfect for large terminal welding such as VLSI, large LCD, automotive circuits, air conditioning circuits etc.

Features: Digital displays (show real-time temperature for hot air gun precisely) ESD safe design (keep delicate electronic components from electrostatic damage) Soldering iron adopts large power heater (rapid heat-up, stable temperature, long life) Skeleton-type heater in hot air gun (rapid heat up, stable temperature and long life) Security protection (hot air gun starts working only when power is on and it is on holder in order to avoid damage caused by dropping gun) Intelligent self-error detection function (short circuit, overheat, overload protection) Long life 30000 hours brushless fan ( gentle wind, stable temperature not affected by airflow) Hot air gun and soldering iron can work separately or simultaneously.

Power Voltage: 220V
Plug type: UK
Power consumption:750W
Blower fan :Brushless Fan
Amount of Wind:120L/m(MAX)
Temperature Range:100°-480°
Discharge Feature: LED indicator light
Handle Length :120cm
Noises :45db
Package Weight: 3KG

Package Includes:
1 x Soldring Station
1 x Heat Gun
1 x Soldring Iron
1 x Heat Gun Holder Bracket
1 x Soldring Iron Holder
3 x Different size nozzles
1 x Power cable(UK plug)
1 x IC Extractor
1 x Sponge
1 x English User Manual

Warranty: 12 month

Price £59.99inc vat (free shipping)


(shipped by courier, allow 48-72hours for delivery)

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