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A ''No Clean'' type Gel Flux Ability to print up to 36 hours Retains the tackiness by 72 hours Good solderability on the surfaces: Ag, Cu, Au, Zn, Cd, SnPb and many more.

Gel Flux is condensed rosin of RMA class, intended for SMD/SMT assembly and repairs.
Gel Flux can be applied through a sieve, pattern or from a syringe.
Gel exhibits very good tackiness, wettability and does not loose its properties up to 72 hours being left on the PCB.
Activators utilized in flux manufacturing process enable to leave its remnants after soldering on the package ( as far as the process does not include washing phase).
The product composition includes resin based and solvent based flux, activators that remove oxides and thixotropic additions, responsible for viscosity and plasticity.

Additional properties of the Gel Flux: It does not contain chlorides. Flux residue neither corrodes, no requires washing. Soldered joints have good mechanical and electrical properties.

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